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4 Cleveland Cavalier Trade Rumors That Have Resulted From J.R. Smith’s Injury

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Uncategorized |


If you are an NBA fan then you are aware of the recent injury to J.R. Smith. Smith is one of the cavaliers key pieces and is their starting 2-guard. Without Smith, the defending champion Cleveland cavaliers have no chance at repeating their title from last year. Therefore, the trade rumors have started to fly and in this article, we will go over 4 trade rumors that have recently emerged surround the reigning NBA champions.

Trade Rumors 

  • Kevin Love For Demarcus Cousins
  • J.R. Smith For Nerlens Noel
  • Kevin Love For Jalil Okafor
  • Iman Shumpert For Ben McLemore

Kevin Love For Demarcus Cousins

Ever since Kevin Love joined the cavaliers he has been the subject of constant trade rumors. Now that the Cavs have a hole to fill the trade rumors have only intensified. One trade rumor that has been the most prevalent is a trade for DeMarcus cousins from the Sacramento kings. Cousins has been one of the best players in the NBA, but has not been celebrated due to what many view as character issues. However, if cousins were to join the cavaliers he would instantly take them to championship contender status again.

J.R. Smith For Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel is one of the best big men in the game when he is not injured. This year Noel has proven that he can play and stay healthy. This makes him a great target for the Cleveland cavaliers. A straight up trade for J.R. Smith and Nerlens Noel would benefit both teams.

Kevin Love For Jalil Okafor

Once gain kevin love is part of trade rumors for another big man. This trade rumor involves Philadelphia big man Jalil Okafor. Trading for Okafor would greatly increase the cavs chances at repeating by filling a major hole on defense. Okafor is a rim protector and Cleveland is one of the worst teams at rim protection. This trade would also benefit both teams.

Iman Shumpert For Ben McLemore

In order to get a guard like Ben McLemore, you have to give up something valuable such as Iman Shumpert. This is still a huge win for the cavs if this trade happens because McLemore is young and better than Shumpert.


In wake of the recent injury to J.R. Smith, the Cavs are going to have to indulge in one of these four season-changing trades.

Finding the Best London Chair Hire with the Best Chair Covers

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Chairs, Hire |

Renting chairs is one thing. Choosing the best chair covers for them is another.

dark braun chairs for hire

If you want a smashing, beautiful, and unforgettable event, it is essential to explore not just the various chairs being offered by a remarkable chair hire in London. You must also make sure to check out the covers they have. After all, chair covers these days also play a major role in the entire look and feel of the event.

When it comes to weddings, finding the best chair hire London has should be a top priority. This way, you can be assured of high quality, great durability, amazing variety, and impressive stylishness at all times, whatever type of chair and chair cover you pick.

Different Chair Covers

Just imagine how lovely it would be to have elegant lace sashes tied around your chiavari or tiffany chairs! You can also opt for organza or taffeta fabric sashes which come in various colors. Or you can choose the hessian type for a natural, rustic appeal. Some also provide floral ones which can be placed around wooden chairs and are perfect for garden events and daytime weddings.

There are also luxury linens available for stackable chairs, banquet chairs, and more that are bound to add beauty to your event and also make people feel more comfortable. Sometimes long-time chair hire London providers also carry spandex covers for that tight-fit, sleek appearance.

Discovering the Best

How can you find the best chair hire in London that can supply you with excellent chairs and chair covers? You can search online and skim through the photos of their rentals. It would also be good to consult friends and acquaintances whom you know already availed of these in the past.

Furthermore, you ought to personally chat with your top chosen providers, visit their offices or storage areas, and flip through their catalogs. Doing this will allow you to decide which to go for. Being able to touch the material and see it for yourself will also give you the chance to picture how it will look in the actual event.

Enjoy the quest for the best chair hire London can give, and be sure to pick the one most appriate for your needs.

Ensure that some of the planning has been put into capable hands

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Event guide, Hire, Party Hire |

Event hire businesses are the perfect place to hand over the reins when searching for a marquee hire for your special event. Regardless if you are searching for marquees for garden parties or wedding marquees, there are marquee companies that will make sure that your party has everything you need while saving you the time and money that comes with shopping around.

You can plan your big day and then allow the work to be finished for you. Even a chair hire can have your venue set up before you arrive to start decorating.

There are larger events, like weddings, that require more furniture than you likely have accessible. Marquees for hire provide tables and chairs that you need for your event with one stop shopping, and it helps cut the worry and extra time that you might otherwise have before your event trying to set everything up to make your vision become real.

The marquee you choose should depend on the atmosphere that you want as well as whether you choose to use a catering hire or not.

Marquees for weddings are usually larger and roomier so that you have plenty of room for more people to gather to celebrate your big day without being overcrowded. One of the best options for weddings is either a garden marquee or party marquee.

marquees for weddingsThey are larger marquees that have room for guests and seating, as well as a dance floor if you plan on dancing the night away. Marquees for weddings provide catering service room as well, and room for a DJ or another music source as well. With a guest list and a rough number of people that will be attending, you can get a better idea as to what kind of marquee you are going to be looking for.

It is possible to find marquees for sale, but this is not always a practical option. Marquees for venues that are in more open areas are usually larger and are not typically practical when it comes to storage when you no longer need them. A marquee hire that offers everything you need will give you more time to sit and relax while everything comes together just the way you envisioned.

Planning any event requires constant attention to detail, and a marquee hire can ensure that some of the planning has been put into capable hands. It really is easy to let a professional who has done it before take over the event planning that you are not needed for, so let a marquee hire finish things up for you.

The home-chefs causing panic in restaurants

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Chef, Restaurant |

Paris restaurant owners are incredibly upset with chefs who have started their own lucrative catering services. Many of these new and burgeoning businesses are based from their homes – and cater to local diners and customers.

Paris restaurant

Traditional eateries that employ many of these chefs believe this is a true slap in the face. In fact, these venues can easily be put of business as new catering websites continue to connect customers directly with area cooks.

Underground Restaurants

This latest fad is known as “underground restaurants”, which specifically caters to a “shared economy” clientele. For example: diners can bypass the expensive prices at local Paris restaurants for cost-efficient meals. These are created by many regionally-renowned chefs, and feature an exquisite selection of mouth-watering entrees and appetizers. So instead of “forking” out 80 euros for scrumptious pasta and meatballs dishes at area eateries – guests are able to split the bill within a private and elegant setting.

Based on the success of Air bnb for hotels and Uber for taxi cabs, web entrepreneurs are connecting diners with the best home-chefs in the industry. This saves patrons plenty of money, while allowing them to enjoy their favorite dishes and meals. This includes lavish wines, along with sizzling steaks and poultry specialties served to perfection.

As the home-chef trend continues to soar in popularity, panic has truly set in for countless restaurants and cafes. In fact, many restaurateurs have joined local hoteliers and taxi companies in protesting these upstart competitors. The situation has gotten so extreme that Synhorcat – the main Paris restaurateurs’ Union – has appealed to the French government to take some action. This includes curbing the rise of independent and home-based catering services, which are putting a damper on the business of local bistros and brasseries.

According to Synhorcat’s President Didier Chenet, “small and medium-sized hotels have been hit hard and over the summer they had to drop their prices.” Chenet also believes that if the government fails to stop the rise of underground restaurants – many local venues and eateries will eventually have to close. With over 3,000 home-chefs now in France, there are arguments on both sides of the fence.

While home-restaurants may be cost-feasible for culinary enthusiast, are they abiding by the nation’s food safety rules? Second, these new services are simply part of the black economy – which undercuts a range of legitimate and legally operating restaurants. Lastly, many of these home-chefs are not even paying rent, taxes, and have little to no overhead costs. Chenet believes this is highly illegal – and is working diligently to shut down these underground restaurants.

How a party hire will work to your advantage?

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Catering, Chairs, Furniture, Marquees, Party Hire |

When you are planning an event for a lot of people, it is usually easier to use a marquee hire so that all of the event furniture and catering are often included. Before you decide whether or not you should hire furniture, however, you should also take into consideration the venue that you are using and the furniture that they already have available. There are many wedding venues available that have plenty of tables and chairs already available for your use where the only additional items you need to supply are the wedding decorations.

marquees chairs tablesA wedding marquee may supply not only all of the furniture hire, but also the linen hire and other event equipment hire. If you are looking for catering hire then marquees are often the best option available so that all of your planning can be done by one person or group and everything stays more organized. With the right marquee, wedding chair cover hires and wedding decorations hire may be included as well which can save a lot of expense in the end. A wedding hire may not be the only reason that you are looking for a wedding hire, though. There are many other events that sometimes require furniture that you do not have available.

Event furniture hire can include banquet chair hire or conference chair hire and even garden furniture. Maybe you are looking for deck chair hire or a garden chair hire. There are many family reunions that are held outdoors where a different type of event chair hire may be required. Maybe you need a little mix of both in order to keep the entire gathering comfortable. Although dining room furniture can be moved around when you need it, it is almost never convenient and a party hire will work to your advantage. You can even make use of a plastic chair hire so that even the smallest in your group can be comfortable.

chiavari chairs with vintage designRegardless of what you are looking for, from chair covers for hire to a vintage chair hire, there is a furniture hire London that can help with all of your party planning needs. In many cases there is no need to go from one hire to the next because everything you need will be in one place. Whether your event is hosting your next family gathering or celebrating the marriage of yourself or a loved one, finding chairs for hire should not be an inconvenience or stressful. A wooden chair hire is usually only a phone call away and can take care of all of those details for you, making it easy for you to simply come up with the vision and then watching all of your dreams turn into reality.

The definitive chair hire guide

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 in Chairs, Guide, Hire |

If you are in the process of planning an event, you need your facts right without a doubt. For a proper flow of events, you need Marquees and suitable furniture such as chairs and tables for the full comfort of your guests. Other necessities include catering hire and other entertainment arrangements for the guests. That said the focus of this piece is helping you do things right as far as chair hire gets into the picture.

chairs and tables blog

Choose a chair you like: there are many options when it comes to seats. Regardless of all the things, you have to consider, such as type of event and comfortability, appeal to the eye matters most. You have to choose the kind of chairs that you like most. Most probably, your guests will like them too.
Type of event: chairs too depend on the event in question. For weddings, you need to look for something that fits into the theme. However, for corporate events, all you need is conference chairs. Again, asking for your professional’s input leads to a worthwhile choice.


Have your venue in mind: chair choice varies a lot based on the event in question. A marquee wedding needs a different type of chairs as compared to hotel or country weddings. Each kind requires its type of chairs. Once again, you need professional advice when it comes to this. It is something you do not have to struggle with; as many chair hire companies are quite knowledgeable, and all you have to do is name your venue and they will give you several options.
fancy and delicate chairsThink about your guests: the type of guests has to get taken into consideration especially if you plan to hire fancy and delicate chairs. In case it is a party where you expect people to get a bit drunk and unruly, it is wise that you avoid the delicate type of chairs. However, if you are sure your guests are quite reserved and well mannered, you can as well order the fancy and delicate chairs.


Delivery: when it comes to delivery, doing it in advance saves many last minute worries. However, since most chair hire companies work on tight schedules, early deliveries might prove a bit hard. Nonetheless, provide them with your address, date of expected delivery and any other relevant details in advance. Remember, the delivery time also depends on other factors such as whether the marquee hire company has delivered their equipment or not. Therefore, the best thing is staying in constant communication to ensure everything goes as planned and to get informed of any changes in time.